Annual Report & Financial Statement

Financial Accountability

Silence Softly Speaks is a 501 (c)(3) organization and takes financial accountability and donor privacy very seriously.

Some of the policies that we have put into place to make sure we maintain an ethical and trustworthy standard are:

Duty of Care – The board members meet regularly to ensure reasonable care when he or she makes a decision as a steward of the organization.

The Board participates in an overall planning process and assists in implementing and monitoring the organization’s goals.

The Board of Silence Softly Speaks protects assets and provides financial oversight. The board also assists in developing the annual budget and ensures that proper financial controls are in place.

Silence Softly Speaks complies with all legal and other required reporting procedures regarding its performance.

Financial audits are conducted annually by a certified public accounting firm.

Silence Softly Speaks produces and publishes an annual financial report that contains income, expense statements, balance sheets, and functional expense allocations.

Silence Softly Speaks has a system in place that allows individuals to report financial misconduct, without consequence for doing so (commonly referred to as a “whistle-blower protection policy”).

Silence Softly Speaks ensures confidentiality and nondiscriminatory service to its constituents.

Silence Softly Speaks meets all federal requirements for public disclosure. These state that a nonprofit must provide the last three years’ information returns (Form 990 or its variants) and Form 1023 as attachments, as follows: *US *MI = Michigan Law *US = Federal Law

Financial statements are available upon request.